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Is your leadership style reactive or proactive?

We are always free to choose how we want to react in any given situation. We can all relate to situations where we have reacted in a flash, for example by becoming angry – something which can often leave us feeling bad and having to go back and apologize. Such reactions are generally irrational and defensive and have their roots in denial, criticism and an internal need to defend or justify ourselves. This is where the “magic quarter-second” comes in. The phrase was coined by the American psychotherapist and author Tara Bennett-Goleman, and it refers to the short space of time available to us for reflection when we are proactive and take responsibility for our reactions.

When a person or business is “above the line”, they are predominantly healthy in all areas, reflecting and taking responsibility for their actions. A person or business “below the line”, however, is someone whose reactions are reactive and who acts without reflecting on why, as they don’t even have the possibility to choose their reaction.

A unique tool for gaining self-awareness is the Enneagram of Personality – a model that illustrates your habitual thought patterns, feelings and actions.

Över och under linjen

90/10 principle

We cannot control what is happening around us, but we can control and decide how we react to what happens. This is explained in Stephen R. Covey’s 90/10 principle. This film clearly shows the consequences of “below the line” reactions and the importance of personal awareness.


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