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Intent and intention – paramount to successful co-operation

To make others perform as well as possible, emotionally healthy leaders know how they want to “be” with a group, and what the individual members will be able to accomplish as a team based on their different abilities and qualities.

This can be illustrated in two ways, either through a clear intent (what the leader expects from himself as the official process “supervisor”) or through intention (the impression and expectation the leader has of the group and somehow expresses in order to make sure the participants do their best).

Both intent and intention get far less attention than they deserve in today’s business world. Any leader who realizes the power of intent and intention will do significantly better when it comes to creating successful results and long-term partnerships.

Intent and intention are natural leadership ingredients and
permeate everything we do in Leadership 9.0.

Tables of ten

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Above and below the line

We are always free to choose how
we want to react in any given situation.