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We help leaders, companies and organizations

What is leadership? There have been countless books written on what it should be – and what it should not be. At Leadership 9.0, “leadership” is not just what you practice as the manager or leader of a company – it is a complete approach to people and to one’s environment.

Leadership is formed in relationships with other employees or colleagues – only when the relationship is there, you can begin the journey towards the common goals. In order to succeed, art requires building confidence, insights into yourself and others – that’s what we help leaders, companies and organizations with.

Above and below the line

We are always free to choose how
we want to react in any given situation.


Intelligence 9.0

All people have three main intelligences
that are also described as three centers…


Intent and intention 9.0

To make others perform as well as possible, emotionally
healthy leaders know how they want to “be” with a group…


Tables of ten

The Global Leadership Foundation has just introduced
its innovative 9-month leadership program, Tables of Ten.