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A global leadership program for 21st century leaders

The Global Leadership Foundation has just introduced its innovative 9-month leadership program, Tables of Ten. This program has been designed for leaders who want to explore and increase their ability in applying an emotionally healthy leadership style, vertical development, leadership “above the line”, change management, strategic listening, mindfulness, authenticity and developing resilience.

In Sweden, this program is headed by Cecilia Alwin who is a Fellow of the Global Leadership Foundation. The program offers:

  • One full day and eight half days spread over nine months
  • 360-degree personal feedback through the Global Leadership Profile as well as a personal development plan based on the results
  • 1.5 hours of personal coaching per month and participant (for the duration of the program), supporting the individual development process as well as challenges faced within the company
  • An opportunity to connect with other leaders all over the world who are also part of the Tables of Ten program
  • An opportunity to join the global alumni network aimed at dialogue and collaboration regardless of industry, region or country


Who is this program for?
Tables of Ten is aimed at all leaders who want to better understand themselves and the influence they as leaders have on others, while at the same time wanting to connect with leaders worldwide who share the same view of leadership and who want to make a difference in their organizations and the world around them.

Interested in taking your leadership into the 21st century?
Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you for more information. We invite you to become one of the first Tables of Ten participants.


Tables of Ten will be launched in September 2017!

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